What the world owes to Afghanistan 9/13/21

It is entirely possible the world would not be as good as it is without the contributions of the people in Afghanistan throughout the ages. From the amazing cultural and philosophical contributions of Rumi, Ferdousi, the Buddha’s of Bamiyan, to multitude of modern day contributions, say the amazing scientist Shakardokht Jafari, so many, I can’t possibly list here. The culture that produced these gems of humanity is also now held responsible for the poverty, degradation and torment its people are going through, and the Taliban and ISIS are planted as a natural part of the Afghan cultural landscape in the eyes of mainstream western media, instead of its rightful place, the CIA. The US supported, armed, and nurtured the Taliban and what later became ISIS during and after the cold war. The colonization of Asia by western economic enterprise, and later The US, lead the economic bullying, and the climate crisis, which transformed a people who were largely self sufficient into starvation.