Donations are not tax deductible yet. We are transparent with our process,  decisions and outcome of financial behavior. We are volunteer run, no one is getting paid. We hold ourselves accountable to the standards of the Guidestar program of transparency and accountability for non profit organizations. Please email us to make donations, and thank you very much. 

what are donations used for:

The donations will be used for important material, air filters for fire season to distribute in communities who need it, and PPE and N-95 face Masks, to protect people from smoke, etc. Also, when we cannot borrow materials from like organizations, to pay for photocopies for our flyers, buying supplies to make banners, Bullhorns, etc.

transparency and accountability:

We will publish our finances once a year in December and our financial statement is available for review by request. We presently do not have a fiscal sponsorship from a non profit organization.