How to join us

how to join us:


Whether you want to volunteer to do  2 hours of administrative support, on occasion, or you want to join our team of organizers on a steady basis, we are grateful and glad for the help, (or just stay in touch and receive updates) the registration form above gives all of these options (& feel free to make suggestions too). Please read on to find out more about what we are up to.

network organization partners:

We work toward holding participatory democratic assemblies in cities across the country, open to all, which generate concrete proposals for change. If the proposals are accepted by government entities, the process repeats and expands. If the proposals are not accepted, we use non violent disruption to ensure that the assemblies cannot be ignored. This process leads to a steady transfer of governing authority from elite-controlled institutions to people-powered institutions. It also acts in a concrete way to cement aligned groups together, broadening unity in the movement for social change.

We are building strong communities

we are working with communities in the San Francisco Bay Area & Kansas City, MO,  to help communities take back their power & join the struggle against problems of racism, poverty, & climate crisis. We offer support for coordinating  meetings & support the process to engage as a community. Lets build a neighborhood group or affinity group together. the F.A.Q section below explains further what it means & you can always contact us with questions.


All trainings are free. We will soon offer trainings on large scale decision making. We currently offer training for:

  • Democratic decision making in small groups
  • Agile decision making & Sociocracy structure building
  •  Non Violent Direct Action
  •  Know Your Rights


  • Racial Justice
  • Social Justice
  • Climate Justice

These are the biggest challenges of our time, and all stem from the same global system of inequality and the US is presently the biggest container of the source of these problems.

Any problem that has been solved has been the result of people determined to solve them,  the problems we are facing are exasperated by the barrier of working peoples time constraints & constant barrage of new problems or old problems with new faces. with unity and persistence we can overcome these barriers. We owe it to the future generations and indeed to the planet itself, to do all we can to improve things. Even while it is broken, it gives us joy, wonder, and makes it possible for life to flourish. Triple Justice will help cement alliances and give power to persist. 

The global systems we live in are crumbling, and are devastating lives and the earth we live on, we can build better lives in connected communities. We know the people closest to the devastation are the ones with the solutions. We intend to make it possible for all of us to access our ability to organize, and gain back our people power. 

A People’s Assembly is any group of people willing to come together to speak about their challenges in their community and cooperate with each other to address grievances, find common cause and even solve those problems.

A small group of people who like to go to protests together, or who live near each other & happen to have political affinity with each other, can help each other feel supported, for instance; table for a cause together, join a study group together, go to a rally or meeting together.  It can be some neighbors who decide to lobby the city council & engage in some level of non violent direct action, or start a resiliency gardening group who share what they plant, further the idea of food sovereignty & shed light on the global, (carbon emitting), food industry.