Hark the bombs(to the tune of Hark the Angels sing)

Bad king Rayethon (To the tune of Old King Winseslas)  voice & Guitar

Silent night in Palestine (to the tune of Silent night)

Stand up for Climate (to the tune of old king winseslas)

text of letter to SF Opera regarding their whitewashing of Wells Fargo

SF Opera Drop Wells Fargo from sponsorship &  stop advertising the SF Opera Guild which has Wells Fargo as a sponsor 

 We are the Motley Stones, climate concerned singing & musical Climate interventionists! Join us! 

Why Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase? 

Wells fargo donates to SF Opera & is the sponsor of SF Opera Guild which also donates to SF Opera 

SF Opera sponsor page:

WF is the 4th most invested in the fossil fuel industry globally (and JP Morgan Chase, is the biggest driver, and profiteer of the world wide Climate Crisis of all the banks in the world). Neither have done anything substantial to comply with the Paris Climate agreement. The latest IPCC report gave a Final Warning, we are on the brink of certain global extinction of living things on the planet. We need to act very fast.  in many, many cases where the fracking wells are located right across the street from people’s homes. Here is a YouTube video showing a case of this, where a fracking well was drilled less than 500 feet from this elderly couple’s house: is this terrific documentation on the fracking industry in the Permian Basin provided jointly by CIEL, Earthworks, and Oil Change International:

Why Billionaires? They have the capital and don’t spend it on real climate solutions. In fact the super majority of them do the opposite: divest from community solutions. They also keep making the problem worse by slowing down and halting real change and keeping their workers without power and ability to cope with climate harms. According to a 20+ years of Yale University study, 75% of all people in the US want climate solutions as soon as possible.  

Check out these websites that monitor and report on the worse companies worldwide: 

BankTrack – Banks and fossil fuel financing 

Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change | GQ 

Sources of Solid Info – THIS! is What We Did 

But wait, did you know California public workers & Public employees Pensions tops the list of investments in fossil fuel to the tune of ~$43million?  See this important report from Stand Earth: Report reveals just 14 US public pension, permanent funds invest massive $82 billion in fossil fuels | 

Ask friends and family who are California public workers & Public employees, to pressure their unions to join the divestment movement: tell Calsters and Calpers to divest: Petition – Fossil Free California 

What can we do? Please divest from Wells Fargo, & Chase, with haste! Ask your relatives, friends and acquaintances to take their money, their pensions and their 401K’s out of the hands of fossil fuel funders like Chase. Credit Unions invest in community ventures and do not participate in the worldwide banking system to the extent large banks like Chase and Wells Fargo do.  

Move Your Money – THIS! is What We Did 

If you have any questions or suggestions we are happy to hear them. Feel free to email us: thanks 

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divest from chase, do it post haste

climate justice cannot wait (2)

$317 billion chase has sunk into fossil fuel firms since the paris climate accord climate accord

divest from chase. do it post haste. climate justice cannot wait(2)  

wells fargo bankrolled extraction firm

that drilled a big deep hole in our own front yard.

frack, o frack, we will strike back till wells does no more harm.

the plains of texas beckon to wells fargo,

our planet’s biggest financier of frack.

wells bankrolls pipelines, dakota access.

standing rock sioux suffer for that.

subprime home lending wells calls ghetto loans.

financing private prisons, a racist rut.

immigrant detention they finance too.

too many children die in those camps.

i loathe wells fargo, i really do,

they make me livid for all their greed.

illegal lending then they foreclose.

o vicious dogs attacked

standing rock sioux.

wells fargo bankrolled extraction firm

that drilled a big deep hole in our own front yard.

frack, o frack, we will strike back till wells does no more harm.

frack, o frack, we will strike back till wells does

no more harm.


jp morgan chase looked out on the plains of texas,

where the dust flies roundabout making one quite senseless.

what he saw not hard to spot, easy big accrual.

hastily he set to work to bankroll fossil fuel.


companies that you bankroll build a fracking tower.

you sense that this will enhance your autocratic power.

when they drill a wellbore straight through to shale formation,

you don’t care if this all leads to climate devastation.

Public Operatic climate intervention in front of the SF Opera June 3rd 2022:

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