About Us

Established in 2021

Alex Stephanovich

is an active member of the Triple Justice Collective, and formerly with Extinction Rebellion SFBay. Moved by injustices inherent in the prevailing socio-politico-economic system Alex’s interest is in the analysis of the power structure on all levels, from local to global, and you can find some of his writing on a Substack column under the name Understanding Power. 

Essays: https://alexmstephanovich.substack.com 

We are a volunteer organization aiming to build a nationwide network of activists and alternative democracy practitioners, to transfer power away from our broken institutions and back into the hands of the people, in order to secure racial, economic, and climate justice for all.

Join us. 

Triple Justice Organization

a few of our members featured below:

Alycee Lane

 is a Climate activist and author of the award-winning book, Nonviolence Now! Living the 1963 Birmingham Campaign’s Promise of Peace (Lantern Books, 2015). She is also host and creator of the Patreon podcast The Wretched of Mother Earth, where she “decolonizes our climate catastrophe.” Her podcast takes its name from her most recent book The Wretched of Mother Earth: The Handbook for Living, Dying, and Nonviolent Revolution in the Midst of Climate Change Catastrophe (2018). In that work, Alycee argues that “if we hope to save ourselves from climate change catastrophe, we must face not only the prospect of human extinction; but also we must radically confront what produced the climate crisis in the first place: the “colonial power matrix” and our deadly attachments to it.” You can find her articles on our climate crisis in Counterpunch, Truthout, and Common Dreams magazines. A graduate of Howard University, Alycee studied English literature and later obtained her Doctorate of Philosophy from UCLA, where she specialized in African American literature and culture of the civil rights and black power movements. From 1995 to 2003, she served as an Assistant Professor of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara, after which she obtained her Juris Doctor from UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall).

Published books: For Colored Girls at the end of empire when nonviolence is not enuf (2020) & The Wretched of Mother Earth Podcast: https://blk2buddah.wordpress.com 

Roshi Sirjani

is a climate justice activist with a tendency to gravitate to practical skills. She is an invincible strategy & concept engager. She likes to network with people and she is an advocate of nonviolent action & speech.


We believe that the radical crises facing the United States require radical solutions. We believe that those closest to the problems are closest to the solution, and that if given the chance, regular people could govern far better than current legislators. We aim to unite activist movements in the pursuit of alternative democratic structures to win concrete improvements in people’s lives without depending on existing institutions. We believe in using non violent disruption and direct action to exercise the collective power of the people.



We practice Sociocracy, designed to help us function in a direct democracy environment in a transparent, clear-sighted, agile, and adaptable way. We are committed to reflect, learn & refine our strategy and actions. We  deepen our relationships and  commitment to Justice, equality, and nurture a symbiotic relationship to  resources and  communities.   We strive to build  relationships with each other locally and globally.



We are friends who cannot stay idle while the world is in crisis. We met  during our involvement in the US struggle for recognition of the Global Climate Crisis. We realized our affinity for each other. Our values, mindset, & perspectives were aligned and we became fast friends. We are delighted that we are all so different from each other, yet so united and able to work together, share our worries about the world, our hopes and aspirations for a better world, and we help each other walk this difficult path. Contact us and meet us either in person (Covid Cautious meeting), or a  meeting online. triplejusticeforclimate@gmail.com

communications working group

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Connect Media outlets with our activity.   Generation of written and visual media,   and documenting and broadcasting our organizational  activity. Repository of photos, quotes, and content for media.

training working group

Orientation for new members, Non Violent Direct Action, Know Your Rights, & Public speaking trainings. Workshops on structure building; Sociocracy, small group direct democracy  decision making,  Resiliency and burn out prevention, The climate crisis, Triple Justice Strategy; race, class and climate workshop, Support study groups, etc. 

community building working group

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Concrete and hands on support to get your neighborhood/affinity group up and running. Co-facilitation of meetings, set up of online communications, support structure building and activities and support to achieve local goals. 

Solidarity working group

Building Communications, Coordination and Decision making between different groups, to unite movements for greater people power.  Connecting local struggles with each other and with global struggles and providing the structures for resilient unity. Contact triplejusticeforclimate@gmail.com