SF Bay Area People’s Assembly: Climate Resolution for US Federal Government


National Goal:

  • The US will become net-zero by 2030


  • The US will cut its  military budget by 75% and close overseas military bases
  • Increase the top marginal tax rate to 90%
  • End subsidies for the fossil fuel industry
  • Establish Public Banking


  • The US will provide financial and technological aid to less developed countries to help them transition to zero emissions
  • Ensure a just transition for impacted workers
  • Expand labor rights & protections, including a right to organize


  • End subsidies for large agricultural corporations
  • Incentivize local agriculture, permaculture, and agro-ecology
  • Completely end the use of pesticides and GMOs
  • End monocropping and factory farming
  • Expansion of tree-planting programs
  • Work toward soil restoration to sequester carbon


  • Massive expansion of renewable energy, especially distributed solar
  • Shut down nuclear plants
  • End uranium mining
  • Prioritize just sourcing of renewable energy materials – recycling, seeking alternatives, impacts on local ecology, etc
  • Nationalization of electric utilities


  • Invest in greening transportation
    • Incentivize EVs with emphasis on benefits flowing to lower income populations
  • Ban internal combustion engine vehicle sales by 2025


  • Regulate plastic: end plastic manufacturing, transition to plant-based materials
    • Goal is to find inexpensive alternative so that lower-income communities aren’t negatively impacted
  • Cap police budget at 25% of city budget