SF BAy Area People’s Assembly: California/SF Bay Resolution

Overall Goal:

  • Negative emissions by 2030


  • Publicly-owned solar & wind farms
  • Retrofit buildings
  • Decentralize the power grid, empower small producers (like rooftop)


  • Free electric public transportation run on renewables
  • Reduce air travel
  • Expand electric vehicle use


  • Austerity for the rich, conservation & moderation for the middle class
  • Raise taxes on the wealthy
  • Stop subsidies for big oil and industrial agriculture


  • Seek indigenous leadership on land and forest management
  • Seek leadership from workers most heavily impacted by transition
  • Help workers displaced by the transition develop new careers
  • Broadband access
  • Worker coops/unions to be at work during transition


  • Fix methane leaks
  • Cut military budget and close bases
  • Support regenerative agriculture
  • People’s assembly to decide on detailed steps of the transition, and empower people to enforce proper implementation