Our Manifesto

We believe that the radical crises facing the United States require radical solutions. We believe that those closest to the problems are closest to the solution, and that if given the chance, regular people could govern far better than current legislators. We aim to unite activist movements in the pursuit of alternative democratic structures to win concrete improvements in people’s lives without depending on existing institutions. We believe in using non violent disruption and direct action to exercise the collective power of the people.

Our Strategy

We work toward holding participatory democratic assemblies in cities across the country, open to all, which generate concrete proposals for change. If the proposals are accepted by government entities, the process repeats and expands. If the proposals are not accepted, we use non violent disruption to ensure that the assemblies cannot be ignored. This process leads to a steady transfer of governing authority from elite-controlled institutions to people-powered institutions. It also acts in a concrete way to cement aligned groups together, broadening unity in the movement for social change.