the climate crisis

The climate crisis is not separate from the social and racial injustices, indeed it is propelled by the same global systems that also drive the climate crisis. We are at the 11th hour of life on earth if we do not act now.  The systems of oppression are the same system of exploitation of the people and the planet. It is a system which must be dismantled and replaced by a way of life that is in symbiosis with nature and the life cycle of the planet. We have the science and the experiential knowledge to repair as much as possible of the damage done to the planet, its inhabitants, and solve the problems of racism, exploitation of peoples labor and allow communities and nature to thrive side by side. 

the map above illustrates the outsized carbon dioxide  production of  companies  largely of the global north region, the map also shows the domination of  the colonizing global north countries of the earth and the drivers of the system of global  exploitation we live under.  we have a shared responsibility in global north countries to help bring life back into balance on the planet.